VIBE MAJOR Improvements: Sector 2

Updated: Aug 12

Smart Home, Security System, Closets, Window Treatments, Lighting (Exterior + Interior), Ceiling Fans, Water Purification, Whole House Generator, Gutters + Protection, Outdoor Furniture, Fencing, and Pavers.

As VIBE Home Makeover seeks nominations for our inaugural $150,000 designer home makeover project in Tampa Bay, Florida for 2022-23, we’d like to share more information on the four sectors of improvements that each VIBE recipient receives.

Today, SECTOR 2: MAJOR. In addition to the 10+ CORE improvements, the VIBE homeowner may choose 10 MAJOR or SITE SPECIFIC improvements that will be provided by our showcase partners.

Smart home technology will help the homeowner with automation controls, remote thermostats, programmable lighting, smart leak protection, and advanced network connectivity for their WiFi-enabled products and services. An advanced security system, connected to the “Smart brain” should provide peace-of-mind for the homeowner and family.

Custom closets and other organizing options should increase the home’s storage capabilities, and make any existing home more efficient and more organized. Our VIBE window treatment partner will install designer window coverings to reflect the home’s new design and help shade the hot, summer sun.

New interior and exterior lighting will add to the refreshed exterior of the home, and provide multiple security and safety options.

Multiple new ceiling fans, installed throughout the newly-designed home, will help the recipient even more with their power bills while providing a comfortable, relaxing environment.

A new water purification system provides the family with healthy, clean water for many years. A whole house generator provides safety and security during the Florida storm season.

New Gutters + Protection will protect against water damage and debris buildup, thus providing a low-maintenance experience. New outdoor furniture provides a relaxing seating area to enjoy the backyard.

Fencing provides safety, security, and privacy for the family. Pavers (driveway, walkway, patio, or landscaping) offers easy-care surfacing and enhanced curb appeal.

In all, the selected recipients receive a VIBE Home Makeover of more than 20 improvements transforming their homes into a truly beautiful and highly-functional living environment. (Since each home makeover has very different conditions, each recipient will not receive all of the noted improvements you may see mentioned, but rather, approximately 20 listed upgrades, plus finishing touches, that are conducive to their living situation.)

We will highlight other sectors in future blogs, and provide more details of each, so that you can visualize what each VIBE Home Makeover is expected to look like when completed.

Funding for VIBE Home Makeovers originates from project partners, who contribute financial resources, home-related products and services, and employee volunteer support.

For additional information, please visit our website or call 941.867.2300.

Barbara A. Zotara

Senior Managing Director

VIBE Home Makeover | Trilogy Agency

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