MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS: Details VIBE Home Improvement: Sector One

New paint—inside and out; renewed landscaping; updated AC and heating; flooring throughout; upgraded kitchen; new furniture; updated appliances.

These improvements are part of Sector One: MAJOR Improvements, as we highlight each of our four sectors in separate blogs: MAJOR, ELECTIVES, SITE-SPECIFIC, and FINISHING TOUCHES.

More than 20 exterior and interior improvements will be made by our showcase partners in multiple sectors.

MAJOR (CORE) upgrades include 10 improvements that we strive to provide each and every VIBE recipient.

MAJOR upgrades can include: full exterior painting, custom interior painting, refreshed landscaping, A/C and heating, new flooring, kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen countertops, updated appliances, bathroom renos, new furniture, and the latest electronics. Providing there is a need and desire for each of the MAJOR upgrades, it is expected that each recipient will receive most or all of these upgrades.

The exterior of their home will be beautifully painted to the color of their choice. This includes transformation of the main surface. Coordinating accent colors will be used for the trim and entry door, respectively. Landscaping will receive an extensive refresh, with specifics to be determined by the recipient’s needs and wants, and the home’s current layout and possible enhancements.

Inside, fresh custom paint, matching our designer’s selected color palette, will be applied throughout the home, including one or more accent walls. If needed, all ceilings will be painted to bring the home a refreshed, clean look. New flooring will be installed throughout the home, with possibilities ranging from various tile options to new carpeting.

The kitchen will receive a major makeover, with cabinet refacing, new coordinating countertop options, and brand new appliances including; refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and microwave. Our kitchen upgrade may be the most striking transformation of all. In addition, all bathrooms will also receive an upgrade, with cabinet refacing, new sinks and hardware, tile/flooring, and tub/shower area.

The MAJOR sector will be almost complete with the delivery and setup of new furniture in the common areas and all bedrooms. Depending on design, theme, style, and layout, we may utilize some homeowner’s treasures that are already in the home, and we may add some, to fulfill the recipient’s tastes and retain memories. Finally, new electronics, including in the main entertainment area (large panel TV, sound system, etc.) will wrap up this MAJOR (CORE) sector of the makeover.

In all, the selected recipients receive a VIBE Home Makeover of more than 20 improvements in the MAJOR, ELECTIVE, SITE-SPECIFIC, and FINISHING TOUCHES sectors, transforming their homes into a truly beautiful and highly-functional living environment. (Since each home makeover has very different conditions, each recipient will not receive all of the noted improvements you may see mentioned, but rather, approximately 20 listed upgrades, plus finishing touches, that are conducive to their living situation.)

We will highlight other sectors in future blogs, and provide more details of each, so that you can capture a picture of what each VIBE Home Makeover is expected to look like when completed.

VIBE Home Makeover is now seeking nominations for our inaugural $150,000 designer home makeover project in Tampa Bay, Florida for 2022-23.

Funding for VIBE Home Makeovers originates from project partners, who contribute financial resources, home-related products and services, and employee volunteer support.

For additional information, please visit our website or call 941.867.2300.

Barbara A. Zotara

Senior Managing Director

VIBE Home Makeover | Trilogy Agency

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