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VIBE Announces ‘Special Consideration’ Nomination Groups

Updated: Jul 14

VIBE Home Makeover is excited to announce that we have finalized the selection of ‘Special Consideration’ nomination groups for our inaugural VIBE Home Makeover for Tampa Bay 2024. While we are accepting applications from all demographic and income levels, special consideration will be given to four segments or groups, especially those that consistently provide support that is above and beyond to protect and serve our communities.

  1. NURSES + FIRST RESPONDERS. May include many health care workers or those in the medical field. First responders include police, firefighters, paramedics, and EMT personnel.

  2. TEACHERS + EDUCATORS. May include full-time teachers in public schools or nonpublic schools. Teaching assistants and staff may also fall into this special consideration group.

  3. MILITARY FAMILIES. Includes active or retired service members, disabled veterans, or military families with children.

  4. FAMILIES WITH SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN. Includes any health challenges of children, including long-term or short-term issues. Consideration is also given to those who may have special challenges with one or more parents, or adult children living in the home.

We are seeking a family, couple, or single person-in-need. For those families who are NOT considered part of our ‘Special Consideration’ nomination groups, household income guidelines are no more than 300% of federal poverty level ($90,000 for a family of four). For those that MAY be included in our ‘Special Consideration’ groups, income may exceed the 300% guideline. Simply, the greater need a nominee family may have, the lesser the focus on the income guidelines may become.

Candidates for the VIBE Home Makeover must be a Florida homeowner, live in the home to be renovated, and reside in Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco counties.

One family-in-need will be selected to receive a $150,000 VIBE designer makeover where more than 20 exterior and interior improvements will be made by our showcase partners.

Core upgrades may include Complete Exterior Paint including Trim + Accent, Custom Interior Paint, Landscaping including Planting of Flowers, Shrubbery, Trees, and Plants, A/C and Heating System, Windows, Solar, Flooring, Cabinets or Refacing, Countertops in Kitchen + Bathrooms, Updated Bathrooms, Kitchen Appliances, Electronics, Furniture for Common Areas + Bedrooms, and Mattresses + Bedding.

In addition, depending on the family’s needs, other improvements may include Smart Home, Security System, Closets, Window Treatments, Lighting, Ceiling Cans, Water Purification, Whole House Generator, Gutters + Protection, Outdoor Furniture, Fencing, Pavers, Spa, Lanai, Outdoor Shed, Lawn Care Equipment, Garage Reno, Epoxy Surfacing, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Storm Shutters, Custom Carpentry, and Special Needs/Requests.

Nominations are now being accepted at

Launch is winter of 2024, design and product placement in the spring, and renovation in late fall, with the improvements completed during a concentrated 12-day period December 2nd through 14th, 2024.

Funding for VIBE Home Makeovers originates from project partners, who contribute financial resources, home-related products, and employee volunteer support.

Visit the VIBE Home Makeover website for updates on the status of the nomination process and how to request a nomination application.

For additional information, please visit our website, or call 813.934.4330.

Barbara A. Zotara

Senior Managing Director,

VIBE Home Makeover

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