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vibe home makeover

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VIBE Home Makeover is the signature cause event of Trilogy Agency, a proprietary cause marketing firm that brings together corporations with communities. 


What started in the 90’s as a series of exterior beautifications of homes known as PAINT YOUR HEART OUT in Southwest Florida, this project has morphed into a cause that provides major transformations of homes owned by those-in-need. 

Often, disadvantaged families (especially those with special needs children), current military families and needy veterans, and those serving in the public service sectors, live on low-to-mid fixed-incomes. Through no fault of their own, they live in homes that unfortunately no longer provide the safety and comfort for their families. Because of their situation, they are often unable to help themselves, or their families.


Our VIBE Home Makeover projects provide a complete transformation of these homes. More than 20 exterior and interior improvements, cosmetic and functional, are completed within a focused 12-day community build, by our Lead and Showcase Partners.  

Yes, our VIBE Home Makeover initiatives make a world of difference to the recipient and to your community. But just as important as the renovations, you provide renewed hope, joy, and belief that, people and companies, really do care.

Trilogy Agency manages every aspect of this emotionally-charged cause, including the procurement of professional designers who (with the help of our companies who adopt) fully engage the recipient and his/her family to design a one-of-a-kind astounding ambiance.

To nominate yourself, or someone in need, click here to request a Nomination Pre-Qualification Form. Share the story about why the person you are nominating would be a good candidate.  

We are seeking a family, couple, or single person-in-need.  Household income should be no more than 300% of federal poverty level ($93,600 for a family of four based on 2024 federal guidelines), although families with health or other challenging conditions may be eligible with higher household incomes.

Candidates for the VIBE Home Makeover Tampa Bay Edition 2025  must be a Florida homeowner, residing in Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco county. Don’t delay, request your Nomination Pre-Qualification Form now.  

Launch is the beginning of 2025, with design and product placement in the spring of '25. The renovation is scheduled for the fall of '25, with the improvements completed during a concentrated 12-day period October 6th through 18th.

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