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VIBE Home Makeover Funding 

If you, or someone you know, are in need of a VIBE Home Makeover, please apply. One family will be selected to receive a VIBE Home Makeover at no cost to the recipient!

The VIBE Home Makeover project is a community outreach cause event, owned, created, organized, and managed by Trilogy Agency, a Florida-based cause marketing firm. The project is designed to provide home makeovers (improvements) to qualified homeowners selected exclusively by Trilogy Agency.

All funding necessary to complete each makeover is generated through the procurement of corporate and showcase sponsorships by Trilogy Agency and our affiliates.

Please be aware that because we receive no funding through government sources, Trilogy has the sole right to exercise decisions based on what is in the best interest of our stakeholders. All decisions related to our VIBE project nominations and selection processes are made by Trilogy Agency and our decisions are final.


Because each VIBE recipient is selected by Trilogy, we reserve the right to establish our proprietary guidelines providing we adhere to federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Our Decision-Making Process

Because of our unusual approach and funding, we utilize methods and make decisions that may be different than government funded or government assisted programs. The selection of each home may be based on different criteria than other programs similar to these. We may set more broad guidelines versus more specific restrictions.


For instance, even though our established household income guidelines to receive assistance is preferred to be under 300% of Federal HHS Poverty Guidelines (2024 Florida family of four would be $93,600), we may offer a project to a family whose household income exceeds these guidelines, as other factors and circumstances are also considered when making a selection. If the applicant falls into one of our "focused sectors", identified below, household income becomes a secondary factor, not the primary factor.   

Other factors may include, but not be limited to: health-related concerns and issues facing the family at time of application; age and condition of home prior to makeover; feasibility of home improvements based on Trilogy's platform; and Trilogy’s showcase partners providing products and installation. Trilogy Agency’s Selection Committee has the sole right to select recipients based on information provided in the application and other information we may discover prior to the improvement.  

Other guidelines, rules, and information are detailed in the Nomination Application Packet..

Trilogy Agency reserves the right to make changes, revisions, and updates to our guidelines at any time.

Please keep in mind, that Trilogy intends to complete one VIBE Home Makeover per 12 months in each one of our designated markets, so if you don’t get selected this year, you may be eligible for future projects.  


Thank you for your interest in VIBE.  We wish you the best of luck with your nomination!   

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