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VIBE Home Makeover: Our Elevator Pitch

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

While the platform of the high-profile VIBE Home Makeover series of projects is unique and rare, we thought you’d appreciate a scaled-down version of what we really contribute—what VIBE really is.

So, here’s our elevator pitch…

VIBE Home Makeovers provide designer home renovations to those-in-need, with a complete transformation of each home, including at least 20 exterior and interior improvements.

These extensive upgrades make the recipient families’ lives more functional, comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Renovations are completed during a 12-day community-build, by skilled professionals and dedicated general volunteers from our project partners.

There are absolutely no costs to the recipient homeowners, as projects are funded by community-conscious local and national companies, including lead partners, designers, contractors, and multiple entities in the home improvement sectors.

There we go. Time to disembark from our elevator.

Barbara A. Zotara

Senior Managing Director

VIBE Home Makeover


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