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Updated: Jun 13

Artwork, Décor, Mirrors, Plants, Vases, Linens, Rugs, Lamps, Clocks, Shelving, Throw Pillows; combined with the Homeowner’s Treasures.

These improvements are part of the inaugural VIBE Home Makeover, providing a designer home renovation valued at $150,000 to a recipient family in need at no cost to the homeowner.

Each VIBE Home Makeover provides a complete home transformation, with at least 20 exterior and interior improvements and upgrades. The renovation is completed during a 12-day community build supported by volunteers from our project partners, including home improvement-related companies.

This sector brings all the other sectors together completing the home's designer makeover during our inaugural VIBE Home Makeover project in Tampa Bay, Florida for 2025-26.


This is the last of the sectors. In addition to the 20 primary improvements, each VIBE homeowner receives an array of FINISHING TOUCHES that will be provided by our partners and acquired by VIBE.

Of all the sectors, the FINISHING TOUCHES will be the most distinctive improvements from one VIBE home to another. They represent the “icing on the cake” and in this case, the “icing” will vary, sometimes vary widely. Every VIBE recipient family has different priorities, and thus, their homes have a different design, and different improvements. The FINISHING TOUCHES will bring it all together, turning a house—into a home.

Artwork and décor are the basis of this sector. Our design team will select wall art and home décor to coordinate and compliment the home’s new design, updated color palette, and the homeowner’s taste. Although the selected artwork will be modest in nature, it will add a flair to the home’s design. Mirrors scattered throughout the home, whether large wall mirrors, or small designer mirrors placed in perfect areas, will add depth and functionality.

Plants placed carefully in the home will complement the “green” energy-conscious upgrades. Vases will complement or contrast with the home’s primary color theme to bring some accent colors and depth to the new design.

Coordinating linens, in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, provide added functionality, while at the same time, add to the design’s color motif. Bedding includes bed sheet ensembles, blankets, comforters, and/or bedspreads that perfectly match the home’s sleeping environments. Accent, throw, and room size rugs protect the new flooring, and adds to the new style. All combined to create that cozy home feel.

Lamps that may include floor, table, and accent lamps, provide ideal lighting that creates that perfect ambience. Clocks matching the designer’s selection add perfect touches to each room.

Shelving, whether open wall shelving or floor cabinetry, provides some display space or crucial storage for the family. Throw pillows act as one of the final accessories to the home, providing supplementary design features and comfortable places for the family to relax from the stress of their day.

Finally, we bring back the family’s treasures that we’ve been “protecting” during the reno, and perhaps add unusual, complimentary pieces to the existing cherished belongings.

The FINISHING TOUCHES are truly some of the most appreciated additions since they represent that exciting culmination of everyone’s hard work and allows the design team, one last opportunity, to leave a lasting impression on the family.

The selected recipients receive a VIBE Home Makeover of more than 20 upgrades that can improve the visual appeal and function of their home. (Since each home makeover has very different conditions, each recipient will not receive all of the noted improvements you may see mentioned, but rather, approximately 20 listed upgrades, plus finishing touches, that are conducive to their living situation.)

This completes the information on our four sectors: CORE, MAJOR, SITE-SPECIFIC, and FINISHING TOUCHES. We hope the details provided help you visualize what each VIBE Home Makeover is expected to look like when completed.

Funding for VIBE Home Makeovers originates from project partners, who contribute financial resources, home-related products and services, and employee volunteer support.

For additional information, please visit our website or call 813.934.4330.

Barbara A. Zotara

Senior Managing Director,

VIBE Home Makeover


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