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VIBE Home Makeover: How We Do, What We Do

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

The platform of the VIBE Home Makeover series of projects is certainly different, and far from conventional.

Because of this, we’re often asked how we, as puzzle masters, are able to fund such seemingly costly projects.

The simple answer is through the generosity and collaboration of community-conscious corporations who care enough about their communities to make a difference.

Lead partners, often banks, credit unions, insurance companies, real estate firms, or home builders contribute substantial funding and a general volunteer workforce. In return, these contributing companies receive the feeling that they are ‘giving back’ to citizens in their communities, who so richly deserve it. Their employees, as volunteers, are able to make a real, tangible, and immediate difference in their neighborhoods, and feel good about their hands-on, visible contributions. And, due to the high-profile blueprint of VIBE, these lead partners also receive a plethora of media, public relations, and marketing, recognizing their companies as good corporate citizens. The hope is that their current and future clients and customers become aware of their philanthropy, and perhaps return the favor by someday patronizing them more.

Designers and contractors contribute their professional workforce, along with modest financial resources, to design, decorate, plan, and manage the VIBE Home Makeover renovations. In return, they receive all the benefits of the lead partners, with an emphasis on the alignment of a community cause so related to their firms. These professional services firms play major roles as they work tirelessly to blend the various partners’ objectives, with the recipients' desires.

Home improvement manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and installers contribute critical building components (windows, HVAC, solar, flooring kitchens, bathrooms, etc.), appliances, furniture, paint and décor, and finishing touches necessary to transform the recipients’ homes into their versions of ‘dream homes’. In addition, these sectors contribute financial resources to help pull all the pieces of our puzzle together. In return, they receive all the benefits of our lead partners, designer, and contractor, in addition to having the rare opportunities of showcasing cutting-edge, new, and featured products, in unusual, media-centric community cause events.

Trilogy Agency, as the cause developer, then funds any non-sponsored components and incidentals to complete the renovation from funding received by our partners. This includes any home improvement elements that aren’t provided by partners; professional services not described above; trained installers for these components; necessary tools and supplies; homeowners’ special requests; finishing touches; permits; licenses; and all support personnel required to manage the renovation.

The fusion of these partners allows VIBE to renovate the homes of those families-in-need, without requiring governmental and traditional funding assistance. Without these sources of funding, most encumbrances and restrictions are lifted, allowing VIBE to recognize all the contributors on unparalleled stages; on a collaborative project level, individual company level, and showcased-product level. Social media, earned media, owned media, podcasts, video, magazines, and events all play vital roles in recognizing our partners’ contributions.

Trilogy Agency’s PR department develops, manages, and funds all aspects of this extensive company-focused recognition. Trilogy’s co-founder has invested 30 years in media and PR, and more than 20 years perfecting this type of unusual collaborative model, appropriately coined Proprietary Cause Marketing.

Many call this the perfect win-win-win scenario. We call it the VIBE Home Makeover.

Barbara A. Zotara

Senior Managing Director

VIBE Home Makeover


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