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Updated: Jun 13

Spa, Lanai, Outdoor Shed, Lawn Care Equipment, Garage Reno, Epoxy Surfacing, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Storm Shutters, Custom Carpentry, and Special Needs/Requests.

VIBE Home Makeover is sharing more information on the four sectors of improvements that each VIBE recipient will receive as part of their designer home makeover during our inaugural project in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The improvements are part of the inaugural VIBE Home Makeover, providing a designer home renovation valued at $150,000 to a recipient family in need at no cost to the homeowner. Each VIBE Home Makeover provides a complete home transformation, with at least 20 exterior and interior improvements and upgrades. The renovation is completed during a 12-day community build supported by volunteers from our project partners, including home improvement-related companies.


In addition to the 10+ CORE improvements, the VIBE homeowner may receive up to 10 MAJOR or SITE-SPECIFIC improvements that will be provided by our showcase partners.

Every home and family has different needs and priorities, and these variances may be accommodated by the SITE-SPECIFIC improvements.

Many improvements in this sector are outdoor upgrades.

Due to a medical condition or chronic pain, an outdoor therapeutic spa could be a tremendous asset to healing and improvement of mobility.

A new or rebuilt lanai helps to increase the family’s living area and provide a relaxing outdoor seating area. An Outdoor Shed provides critical extra storage.

New lawn care equipment may assist the family with maintaining their enhanced exterior and landscaping.

Other upgrades include garage reno (if a family member has an interest in automobiles or mechanics; or as a conversion to accommodate a hobby), epoxy surfacing (to provide attractive and durable flooring).

With the replacement of most of the major appliances, whole home generator, or the addition of Smart Home Technology, some plumbing or electrical adjustments may need to be made to the home. In addition, other modest plumbing or electrical issues may be addressed. Some roofing repairs may be necessary.

Storm shutters can protect a home from hurricane damage to windows and interiors during a storm. They also protect the family from injury during and after the storm, by preventing broken glass or debris from a broken window. The added security, during an evacuation, can provide additional peace of mind for the homeowner.

VIBE also addresses the special needs of the homeowner and their family. Custom carpentry may also be provided, as necessary. There may also be other needs, such as a ramp to improve home access, or other assistive devices needed.

The selected recipients receive a VIBE Home Makeover of more than 20 upgrades that can improve the visual appeal and function of their home. (Since each home makeover has very different conditions, each recipient will not receive all of the noted improvements you may see mentioned, but rather, approximately 20 listed upgrades, plus finishing touches, that are conducive to their living situation.)

We will continue to highlight each sector in our future blogs, and provide more details to help you visualize what each VIBE Home Makeover is expected to look like when completed.

Funding for VIBE Home Makeovers originates from project partners, who contribute financial resources, home-related products and services, and employee volunteer support.

For additional information, please visit our website or call 813.934.4330.

Barbara A. Zotara

Senior Managing Director,

VIBE Home Makeover


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