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Volunteering In The Dash

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

“The Dash” is a poem by Linda Ellis that inspires us to live our lives while we are alive. A critical line in the poem reads: "If we could just slow down enough to consider what is true and real and always try to consider the way other people feel.”

Wow, how powerful!! In this hurried age in which we live, we rarely slow down to consider anything, even when we are relaxing. We would rather numb our minds and think about nothing after a stress-filled day at work, or tend to our family's needs at home.

What would we consider if we just took 30 minutes out of our day to think about what is “true and real”? Would we think about ourselves or the needs of others? I have a dear friend who knows someone near her who is going through a difficult financial time. Last week, she took some time out of her very busy life to bring this person a hot meal and a much needed shoulder. My friend had gone through some tough times of her own, so she knew what a visit could mean. Sometimes just knowing someone cares, means more than anything.

No grand gesture, no expensive gift needed – only an hour of her time.

Volunteering is not a grand gesture, it is simply showing you care. Read to a child or a senior, visit someone who is ill, offer to babysit so a single mom can have some alone time, or hug a friend who really needs one, watch what happens in their eyes and in your heart.

Remember the Christmas show about the Grinch and how his heart grew after he saved his dog and the toys? You can have the same feeling of fullness in your heart too.

After you finish reading this, take a few minutes to consider how you are living your dash.

Are you proud of what you see?

Barbara A. Zotara

Senior Managing Director

VIBE Home Makeover/Trilogy Agency

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